Essential Life Advice

Essential Life Advice

Essential Life Advice (ELA) provides clients with access to an external network of lifestyle experts and industry-specific professional advisers.

Connecting the Dots

Offering Opus clients access to the UK’s leading professional advice network specialising in the Sports, Media and Health professions.

ELA Sport
ELA Health

We have enlisted the services of the UK’s leading professional advisers all of whom have demonstrable expertise in Sports, Media or Health.

When an Opus client needs specialist advice we are able to connect them to a leading expert in that field.

Examples of this have been:

  • A law firm which understood complex football contracts and club transfers
  • A music accountant who had experience of dealing with profits from a music tour
  • A law firm which worked exclusively with healthcare practitioners on practice and contractual issues
  • An accountant who understood the taxation issues and day to day management of a medical practice

Lifestyle Management

Offered in partnership with Grove Life

Grove Life

We have enlisted the services of Grove Life, a leading lifestyle management company that focuses on supporting and protecting busy professionals in their personal lives.

Grove Life offer a tried, tested and trusted range of products and services, providing value for money, quality service, anonymity and security.

Through this strategic partnership, Opus clients are able to access exclusive offers and deals including:

  • Holidays and Travel
  • Relocation services
  • Product sourcing
  • Vehicle services
  • Property security
  • Mobile Phone provision
  • Well-being

Sarah Winning, Lifestyle Manager – ‘In our opinion, it is vitally important that Opus clients are protected at all times as worry and stress has a huge impact on their lives both professionally and personally.’